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Warranty and Service


Ace Gadgets Company supplies products that have been evaluated by us and will have consistently high quality and adequate stock to supply small, medium, and large order quantities.

We check all orders carefully before dispatch to our customers.

All our products are covered by a 2 year warranty, for return and replacement.

Ace Gadgets has always focused on improving our level of customer service, and has created these warranty terms & conditions for you. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us.

1. We offer you a 2 year warranty for all our products we sell on our site, from the purchase date of our products. You will receive an invoice shipped with your package.

2. If you send back the goods to us, you have to pay the shipping cost.

3. If the goods really need to be repaired or replaced, we will pay the shipping cost for delivery to you. If the returned product is NOT FOUND DEFECTIVE, we will return the original working part to you at your expense for the return shipping costs.

4. If you decide to return us goods, we must have all cables, hardware and instructions that came with it.

5. Before you buy any items, please ensure that you have verified compatibility with your system by visiting the manufacturer's web site. We will not take any responsibility and will not accept returns for items purchased that are not compatible with your system configuration.

6. Our website will repair, or at our option replace within one week, after all relevant information has been given to us with the warranty number, arising from faulty design, material purchased by you unless:

• The mobile phones have not been properly operated & maintained in accordance with the instructions issued by us.

• The damage is due to use, in conjunction with offered products not from our website.

• The mobile phones have been repaired by anyone other than our company or our wholesale agent, which includes case changes, cables and hardware.

• The mobile phones has been subjected to excessive physical force, tampered with, applications of incorrect electrical charge, electrostatic discharge (ESD), or if any warranty void stickers on the products have been removed.

• The damages due to food or liquid spills, immersion in liquid, excessive temperature or humidity.

• The damages due to normal wear and tear.

7. We assume no liability for breach of warranty other than described above. In no event will we be liable for indirect or consequential loss or damages from use or loss of profits resulting from any defeat.

8. All defective items being returned must be packed as if they were new and working. Failure to do so may invalidate the warranty. We are not responsible for goods that are damaged during shipment or misused/abused by the customer/carrier.

9. If warranty seal or sticker is broken or has been tampered with, the product will no longer have any warranty, and we will no longer be liable for the repair or replacement of your product.

10. We will only be held responsible for warranty mobile phones which are purchased directly from our website with an order number. If you have purchased from reseller who has purchased from us, then contact your reseller to solve problem.

Return Policy

Before returning goods, please contact us first to discuss the issues you are having. In over 90% of cases we are able to sort out the problem by giving technical support, without you having to send anything back.

If there are irremediable defects with the devices, you can return them for repair or replacement under our 2 year warranty. If the phone is defective in a period of 15days from purchasing, we will replace you with a new one with good quality if there is no appearance of scratches, spots or manual mistakes during usage.

All the shipping cost should be paid by senders because our quotation does not include the shipping cost for after sales.

After the phone is repaired or replaced, the customer will need to place a new order or pay the shipping charge to send back. Also, the customer will need to pay the repair cost if the phone’s failure is due to LCD broken, the phone was in the water, etc.

If you did not buy your product directly from Ace Gadgets, you need to contact the vendor who sold it to you. It may still be possible for you to return a faulty product directly to Ace Gadgets and get a replacement sent directly to you, but first this needs to be discussed with the person who was responsible for the original order with Ace Gadgets.

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